• Redefining how breast cancer is managed

    Currently under FDA review.

    Based on over 15 years of research at The University of Chicago, Quantitative Insights is dedicated to combining machine learning and advanced image analysis with a deep database of historical cases to simultaneously improve the speed and accuracy of breast cancer diagnosis.

  • Successful Study!

    The study’s primary endpoint was achieved with statistical significance.

    A total of 19 readers completed the study which demonstrated a statistically significant increase in radiologist’s performance when compared to interpretations using the tools available in existing commercial systems. Performance improved for all of the readers in the study, and the study demonstrated a reduction in false negatives (i.e. missed cancers) by 36%.

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  • Machine Learning in Radiology

    Combining machine learning and a big data derived historic reference case database.

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  • Quantitative Insights, Inc. (QI) was formed to realize the clinical and commercial value of QuantX, a Computer-Aided Diagnosis system to aid Radiologists in more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. Developed in the labs and clinics of the University of Chicago to improve outcomes while, at the same time, significantly reducing costs, QuantX addresses critical needs of clinicians, practice administrators and patients… Read More

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