Quantitative Insights, Inc. (QI) was formed to realize the clinical and commercial value of QuantX, a Computer-Aided Diagnosis system to aid Radiologists in more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. Developed in the labs and clinics of the University of Chicago to improve outcomes while, at the same time, significantly reducing costs, QuantX addresses critical needs of clinicians, practice administrators and patients.  Our goal is to provide the world’s first and only breast imaging decision support system with direct correlation to known pathology. In research settings, QuantX has been shown to increase both the efficiency and accuracy of breast cancer diagnosis. The product is ready for US market launch, awaiting US FDA clearance. QI is pre-revenue, with first sales expected immediately following FDA clearance.

We are actively recruiting the industry’s influencers to work with us in our Early Adopter Program (EAP) to redefine the way MR imaging is utilized in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. For more information on the EAP, please use the link below to contact us.