Rob Tomek, M.Sc.

Robert Tomek, M.Sc. has spent the past 10 years working closely with Dr. Maryellen Giger developing novel diagnostic and detection algorithms to expedite and enhance diagnostic efficiency from complex medical images. His developments focus on developing intuitive user interfaces, display technologies, and analysis algorithms, while exploring how clinicians interact with these applications.

This work has been facilitated through numerous, robust interactions with leading radiologists, which have imbued a distinctive understanding and appreciation of the human factors that are required to design such interfaces and applications to launch commercially successful regulated medical software and computer-aided diagnostic algorithms. Research activities have involved writing analysis software for MR Images for use in Windows, OSX, and iOS operating systems for multimodal breast, cardiac, and prostate MR images.

This work led to a variety of patents, patent applications, and university invention disclosures, of which many are licensed by Quantitative Insights.