Dr. Maryellen Giger Receives 2018 iCON Innovator Award

Dr. Maryellen Giger, Quantitative Insights co-founder, was awarded the iCON Innovator Award by the Illinois Biotechnology Innovation Organization (iBIO). The award recognizes an active researcher or scientist within the ranks of life sciences education who is acknowledged by his or her peers as a leader in the contemporary teaching of, and scholarship in, biotechnology and its related sciences. 

Successful FDA Clinical Study

A total of 19 readers completed the study which measured the effectiveness of the QuantX™ system in the task of distinguishing between cancerous and non-cancerous breast lesions. In this study, the QuantX system achieved the primary endpoint of a statistically significant increase in radiologist’s performance. When QuantX was used in image interpretation, AUC increased from 0.7055 to 0.7575 (p=0.0408), compared to interpretation using tools available in existing commercial systems. Mean sensitivity increased from 90.4% to 94.2%.