QuantX™ is the First FDA-Cleared Computer-Aided Diagnosis System

Developed in the labs and clinics of the University of Chicago, QuantX™ addresses critical needs of patients, clinicians, and practice administrators.

When interpreted by a skilled physician, QuantX™ provides information that may enable faster and more accurate diagnosis, individualized treatment, and improved outcomes.


Leveraging the Power of Artificial Intelligence

The team behind QuantX™ believes that historical case mining and machine learning offer an opportunity to provide radiologists with information that may be useful in the characterization of breast abnormalities.

QuantX™ is powered by machine learning artificial intelligence and trained by a large reference database of abnormalities with known ground truth. Key features of QuantX™ include the display of similar cases and the histogram of known lesions for various analytic features. QuantX™ Advanced includes the QI Score™, a metric computed by an artificial intelligence algorithm synthesis of certain imaging features.

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Deep Database of Known Outcomes


Advanced Machine Learning

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Quantitative Image Analysis


Our Products

QuantX™ is the first MRI workstation to provide true computer-aided diagnosis, delivering an AI-based toolset to assist radiologists in the assessment and characterization of breast abnormalities


Clinical Study

A clinical study demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in reader performance diagnosing breast cancer when QuantX™ is used in breast MRI interpretation.


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